The MKHMA are about recognizing, celebrating and connecting Kwaito and House artists and those who are constantly working hard behind closed doors to craft great music that we only receive as a final product, individuals who have capacity for achievement and success and who contribute in an inspirational way to the future of South Africa. The qualities that upraise the MKHMA to the top go beyond just the sound of music, but it’s the efforts and work that is polished and speaks to an ordinary South African, brilliant individuals with tremendous promise and great talent who excel for reasons that go far beyond their skill as musicians, producers, promoters etcetera.

The Inaugural MKHMA which took place on the 12th of November 2016 at the Walter Sisulu Square (Soweto) became the first entertainment awards to exclusively recognize Kwaito and House music genres. As a company we believe that we are not just celebrating these genres but we are celebrating the movement and the history that comes with these genres since they were born from the new voices of our youth after the country defeated the apartheid system. These awards seek to acknowledge the legends in these genres, young up and coming talent, those currently making and made a contribution whether alive or posthumously and appreciate the socio-economic contribution and the creation of a platform for development in the South African music industry. South Africa has a diverse and creative community that needs its spotlight within the local & international music industry. MKHMA is the platform to celebrate the great work done by creative people within the industry, and provide a platform to those previously excluded by our counterparts in entertainment awards sector.

The awards will be annually handed out at a star-studded red carpet award ceremony where all the winners will be honored and celebrated, during an evening of performances, networking and great company.



— Educate, inform and entertain


— Reclaim and take pride in Kwaito as a uniquely South African genre


— Award artists in the Kwaito and House categories in South Africa


— Create ambassadors out of the winners


— Enhance the music business of those nominated and winners every year, this addresses the economic intent of artists as our stakeholders


—Strengthen and build fruitful working relationships with upcoming artists and A-list performers and give them the opportunity to expose their potential to new audiences and current fans.



We seek to create a platform of recognition for Kwaito and House as genres and provide an equal share of growth for artists in the genres. Develop and give exposure by showcasing upcoming artists, honour, recognize and appreciate South Africa’s Kwaito & House talent.”


The MKHMA will continuously highlight the importance of preserving these genres and encourage the promotion and emerging talent in the sector. The awards seek to develop, support and provide a platform